‘Old Fashioned’

Never Tasted So Good

Introducing Our
Milk Loving SNAPS!

Our original Ginger SNAP recipe dates back almost four generations, to the year 1918 when even treats were wholesome. The same ingredients and passion that went into every cookie 105 years ago – are still baked into today’s ‘Milk Loving SNAP’ – by a team of amazing people in the small town of Sackville, New Brunswick.

A Happy Dance for
Dietary Sensitivities

Our SNAPS School Safe & Vegan Friendly.

A Small Town
World Class Facility

A Certified Team that Delivers – Without Interruption.

Best in Class

Cookies Require Focus

Our SNAPS School Safe & Vegan Friendly.

Packaging Options & Displays

Multiple options for distributers.

Buy & Deliver Online

Send a friend, or yourself a SNAP of delight.