ginger snaps

What sets this product above other national competing brands is that it is made from scratch with no added preservatives! Some other great facts on the ginger snap is that people with certain allergies no longer have to worry; this product is nut free, and there’s no eggs or dairy in the manufacturing process.

If you’re looking for a healthy, smarter choice without jeopardizing that satisfying taste then this snap is for you! With no trans fats or saturated fats, this cookie weighs in at only 2 points on the ‘Weight Watchers’ scale. So whether you want to eat the whole container or hide them from your loved ones, this snap has an astonishing shelf life of 180 days! The only question left to answer is how long will they last in your house? Look for our products in your local grocery retailers, grab a box and have a bite!

Did we mention that this is also a vegan friendly product?! Unlike most cookies you see on the shelves in grocery stores, the Ginger Snap is made with canola oil which is a much healthier substitute scoring yet another point for being cholesterol free!